About Us

About Us

The 9 years old expertise we, Botanic Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., have in this domain makes us one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of an ample assortment of extracts. Black Pepper Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Amla Extract, Beetroot Extract and Ashwagandha Extract, are to name a few. Driven by futuristic scientific methodologies an unfaltering commitment to work quality, we offer plant-derived extracts that are highly demanded in pharmaceutical industry, food industry, personal care and healthcare industries. Believing that wellness is a way of leading a better life, we have recruited proficient people who are dedicated to assist us in our botanical research and help billions of people lead a life that is way healthier.

The in-depth business experience we hold in this competitive business line along with our impressive quality management practices, supports us to prepare herbal formulations that are highly demanded globally for their effective results and affordable prices.

Our Approach

Our ability to maintain our quality system as per the norms of Kosher, HACCP, cGMP, Halal and ISO standards and our business approach valuing the following parameters makes us one of the most reliable entities to with for buying Amla Extract, Ashwagandha Extract and more.

  • Sustainability
  • Traditionally integrated
  • Certified manufacturing facilities
  • Research and innovation driven
  • Customer-focused
  • Safeguarding the environment
  • Development in rural communities
  • Uplifting farmers
  • Global reach

Corporate Responsibility

We follow a multi-prolonged approach to attain the best results in the form of our Aloe Vera Extract, Beetroot Extract and other extract varieties. Thus, earning amazing profits through their sales. In addition, our executive management team working to uphold principles of UN Global Compact comprising human rights, environmental protection, anti-corruption and labor standards.

Farming and Sustainable Harvesting

We source and produce as per the ethical and sustainable policies, thereby, focusing on conserving natural resources.

Audits and Education of Raw Herb Suppliers

Procuring ingredients of the finest quality from a sustainable supply chain has been our top priority ever since we began our business activities. Benefiting from our cordial relations, we make it possible by providing farmers awareness and education on the latest regulatory best practices.

Regulations and Compliance

We partner with the farmers who are accredited with Internationally accepted compliance certificates. Thus, sourcing ingredients from them aids us in manufacturing Amla Extract, Aloe Vera Extract and other extracts of impeccable quality.

Social Responsibility

By working closely with agriculturists and farmers, we not only source ingredients of uncompromising quality, but help them develop and sustain organic farming practices. We also commit ourselves to build a business model that is sustainable, accountable and transparent. Feeling ourselves responsible towards our society, we focus on:

  • Enabling global wellness: We, at our company, help people embrace a culture of health, happiness and wellness. Healthy people are happy people. Thus, buying our Aloe Vera Extract, Beetroot Extract and other extracts make everyone not only healthy, but happy.
  • Responsible sourcing: Organic or low-impact farming practices are of prime importance to develop a sustainable future for everyone by minimizing the impact of chemical infused herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Empowering communities: We empower communities by bringing them orders of their produce, thereby, enabling livelihoods.

Research and Innovation

When it comes to experiencing growth of a company, research and innovation are of prime importance. By following our trailblazing approach to see challenging conventional wisdom and medicinal nutraceuticals, we constantly invest in our R&D and also follow customer-focused approach.

The research analysts we have at our company transform the way holistic health can be attained through the use of bioavailable active ingredients for manufacturing Beetroot Extracts, Aloe Vera Extracts and more. Moreover, our research analysts not only carry out researches on the active ingredients obtained from the fruits, leaves, flowers and roots of herbal plants, but carry out research surveys related to the customer satisfaction, requirement and market scenarios.


We have built reputation in the market of a unique extraction manufacturer. We have been able to earn this reputation due to support of our infrastructure. 

State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility

At our full-fledged manufacturing unit, all the tasks of production take place with perfection. We make use of innovative and modern technology to carry out extraction tasks of offered Beetroot Extract, Amla Extract, Aloevera Extract and Black Pepper Extract. 

In order to stay at the forefront of nutraceutical innovation and embrace innovations in the field, we abide by the global delivery standards along with prioritising conservation of energy. Some of the highlights of our manufacturing facility are:

  • FSMS compliance 
  • Biometric monitoring & CCTV-monitored processing system
  • PCQI-trained personnel 

Major Processing Stages

Purification- For isolating the extra combination of required molecules, we take them to a liquid solution and further through a purifying device. As all the molecules have different physicochemical properties, hence we make use of this purification process for separating molecules into three groups. The segregation done provides molecules in three layers including top, middle and bottom layers. Out of these, molecules that are in the middle layer are considered the purified extracts. 

Extraction- In this process, we isolate active bioavailable extracts and pure extracts from their herbal sources. This process is performed after harvesting, drying and grinding the raw materials and further soaking them in a solvent that enriches properties of the molecules. Quality is important to us and it highly dependents upon the environment conditions in which they are processed. Therefore, we ensure that tasks are carried out in the pressure and moisture conditions and at correct temperature. In continuation of the process and for filtering out undesirable impurities, we pass the material through a custom-designed filtration system. Further, the solvent present in the material is evaporated under in well-managed low temperature conditions. At the end of this process, we receive crude extract, which is a high-concentration active compound and apt to be purified and formulated for further meeting requirements of customers.

Blending And Packing

Our organic compounds get absorbed into the bloodstream and provide many medicinal or nutritional benefits to the consumer. These are extensively demanded by supplement producers for therapeutic and nutritional applications. The quality which we have been maintaining over the years make us a vendor of choice for many global companies to import from India.

Liquid Formulation and Drying Process 

We make available organic products that have a high bioavailability and numerous benefits. Our extracts are offered by us in liquid formulation after ensuring right composition and safe usage. At our premises, solvents are also dried to get finest quality extracts for customers. We make use of technology to hygienically complete this work. 

Steps Involved in Our Manufacturing Process:

  • Sourcing raw materials
  • Reception
  • Analysis of raw materials
  • Extraction
  • Product release
  • Storage
  • Delivery

Quality Assurance

We are a quality targeted company. To deliver reliable quality Beetroot Extract, Amla Extract, Black Pepper Extract, Aloevera Extract, etc., our agronomist work closely with agriculture partners & farmers for getting finest quality raw materials. With the use of herbal raw material, we develop over 120 standardized extracts that meet international quality standards. To achieve desired quality standards, we are following Three-Pronged Approach which includes:

Right Farming and Audits of Raw Herb 

We ensure to source the best-quality raw material from environmentally friendly and sustainable supply chain. Our strong & long-standing relations with local farmers across the nation strengthens our process. To make our farmers capable of delivering world-class material, we support them by providing education & awareness and making them adopt to the latest regulatory practices in the field.

International Suppliers

We also work with farmers from international markets to source certain raw materials not available in India. Every international partner goes through a thorough remote audit helping Botanic Healthcare understand potential partners farming methodologies and packing processes, while updating them on the required global standards.

Regulations and compliance

We are highly aggressive towards maintaining highest standards of quality. We carefully select those farmers and herb suppliers that have internationally accepted compliance certifications. Further, our products are supported with stability data, technical documents and clinical study data (if available) for each ingredient. Our products are provided to customers after independent laboratory testing that assures about their highest standards.

Quality Control

With the aim to perfectly monitor, design and implement solutions and thereby maintain optimum quality at all the stages of crop cycle, we are following strict quality control approaches. Our team of dedicated personnel develop and enforce hygiene protocols and follow right manufacturing & handling practices to help us serve the best. We make use of advanced analytical equipment like GC, HPLC, etc. and statistically validated sampling techniques. Further, for controlling quality, we are following the below controls:

  • Pathogen controls
  • Aflatoxin compliance
  • Pesticide residue compliance
  • Heavy metal level compliance
  • Allergen compliance

Experiencing Nature At Its Best

Since inception, we, Botanic Healthcare are known as a reliable manufacturing company of extracts. We are making positive impacts on livelihood of farmers, agro partners and rural India with our innovation work and ground-breaking development in the herbal industry.

With our huge range of herbal products, we have gained recognition in domestic as well as international markets. We always meet international food safety regulations and ensure our customers about full traceability.

We Are What We Eat

In India, organic farming principles are not new, they are rooted to our ancient culture as Vrikshayurveda- Ayurveda for Plants.

Our company has brought these principles into the 21st Century and helped in prosperity of organic cultivation of botanicals in India. With our believe in preserving farmlands and biodiversity, we are carrying out our trade tasks and presenting the best Black Pepper Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Beetroot Extract, Amla Extract, etc., 

Our company has built and maintained partnerships with numerous farmers and farm communities and we are making a sincere contributions to empowering farmers. We are also working for improving the quality of live in rural communities with our exclusive backward integration and crop development programmes.

Why Buy Organic Extracts?

Below mentioned are some of the qualities of our extracts on which these should be chosen by customers:
  • Excellent in flavors
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • High nutritional value and thereby increased macro & micro nutrients
  • No use of pesticides, chemicals, radiation and genetic modification
  • Healthy and safe to be consumed
  • Environmental preservation practices including soil conservation & reduced water pollution
  • Encourages greater biodiversity
  • Eco-friendly practices like use of less energy and minimal carbon emissions

Organic Processes (Step by Step Details)

Organic At Farm

Organic at Factory

  • Identifying zones that have low contamination risks
  • Choosing Non-GMO organic certified seeds
  • Training farmers in NOP2, NPOP1 standards and GAP3 compliance
  • Cultivating crops as per standard organic process
  • Making use of only organic fertilizers & pesticides
  • Harvesting and drying crop yields
  • Testing the quality of farm produce
  • Supply of farm produce to our premises

  • Procurement of raw materials
  • Testing the quality of raw materials
  • Extracting active ingredients & concentrate extracts
  • Spray dry extracts
  • Packaging
  • Final quality checking
  • Safe storage at warehouse
  • Supply of extracts across the world with transaction certificates (TC)

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